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A Nice Time Out

As a rule of thumb I treat a girl like she acts for example if she acts like a ho that’s how I come at her and if she acts like a lady ill treat her like one…… I met a girl at my job named Bianca she was a 27 year old brown skinned Nubian princess I mean gorgeous single no kids her own house and car (gold Malibu a definite girl car). The thing I liked most about her was she was nice as hell. I was flirting with her one day and playfully asked her to let me take her out the upcoming weekend. To my surprise she said yes. I got her number and I said cool and that id pick her up sat at 8. This was a Thursday. I left work that day feeling like a Mack but by the time I arrived home I wasn’t so happy. It had just set in she said yes. Now I have the dilemma of impressing this girl because she is wife material and she got her own so I had to get her (win her affection). The next day I woke up and decided to hit the mall. I knew if she was bad in a uniform she was gone be even badder in regular clothes. so I went and bought me a fresh new sweater to match my Jordan aqua 8 , and I already had my 575 jeans ready to wear so I figured I was good. That night we had our first phone conversation. I was ill prepared going in so I did as I did on many other occasions I got a index card and wrote down 5 topics to talk about so there wouldn’t b any gaps in the conversation and I wouldn’t run out of things to say. It went well she told me how she got the job, a little about her family and that she thought I was cute and nice and that she’d be ready tomorrow. So now I’m floating again this dream girl is real and she likes me. Saturday I woke up and got to work on myself I got a haircut, cleaned my car in and out, ironed all my clothes up, filled up the tank and went and got some cash. I was ready to go. I called told her I was on the way and 20min later I was out front. She came out with a weird funny look on her face and said I got bad news. The only thing I could think is Damn I knew she was too good to be true. But she said she still wanted to go out and that she’d locked herself out of her closet which was weird but it fully explains the outfit she had on so I said cool. We sat in the car for a while talking and joking about the situation, when she said let’s go to the mall and I’ll get something to wear I said ok and we went. The whole ride I couldn’t stop glancing at her socks they were the thickest socks I’ve ever seen they were the Buffy the body of socks, it looked like you could pour a pitcher of water in them and a drop wouldn’t come out. So we got to the mall and she shopped for like an hour she got the shoes and the shirt but she took a while on the pants. She went in Macy’s dressing room with a few pair and when she came out I could see the wait was worth it. we left the mall and were at the restaurant quick it was a little chicken and waffle spot on the eastside of town we went in and got a table quick we sat we ate it was going well we talked laughed she complemented me and I could see she was feeling me I asked her if she thought I was cute and a cool person why are we just now going out she said she couldn’t lie the age difference was a issue for her but that she liked me. I understood and I knew that would wear off I’d never let age stop me before. We finished and I took her home. I told her that I had a good time and I’d call to let her know I made it in ok we said our byes and I rode home with a good feeling, I was thinking like that’s what it feel like to take a lady out, no drinks, no sex, and no fucked up feeling the next morning it was weird but I liked it and I knew it wouldn’t b the last time we went out.