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Lets Call Her Shayla

Shayla was this 5’9 light skinned model I met in high school when we met we were cool but in time she grew to love me, and we had a daughter. But In recent news we just went to court over a restraining order that she was trying to hold against me. The outcome was in my favor and the EX-Parte Protective Order was not granted due to insufficient evidence on her part. I can talk about it now that its past but it’s crazy, scary, and flattering how she can go from love to hate at the drop of a dime all over me. I can honestly say I’ve never dealt with a girl like this before but it’s given me great insight into the female species. Sometimes I sit back and reminisce, I look at the old pictures she sent me and the home movies we made and it’s hard to make the connection between that girl and the girl who was sitting on the stand claiming I’m so violent.