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On My Off Days

On My Off days …

Everything is so boring nowadays. I spend all day working day in and day out, this shit is the worst. But on my off days this week I’m a change all that. On my off days this week I think I’m a get outta town with this girl I barley know… yea that a start get outta town and get a room some where out of the city where nobody knows me. We gone rent a car probably a two seater. First we gone take a ride around town and get a feel for this foreign city. Next we gone get something to eat and after that we gone hit the mall and shop like my credit card don’t got a limit ……besides I can make it all back with overtime. We gone go back the room and she gone model all the lingerie she bought. My king sized bed will be her cat walk and when the show is over she’ll receive a round of applauds… after we get dirty we gone get clean… quick showers and his and her sinks so we out the door by 9.this girl is a goddess but she kinda hood so we gone go the nicest restaurant I can find so I can show her off. When we get there I’m a put a new definition to the term wine and dine… but she’s classy so not one drink to many and she not stumbling in them heels. After that we back to the room but instead of a model this time she’s a nurse or at least that’s what this outfit from starships got her looking like….. Sexual healing is an understatement wit this girl ………2 rounds and we in the hot tub….. Strawberry’s and champagne cause this aint no ordinary room. Everything plush.. I know I’m spending money I haven’t even made yet but so what… I’m only in the here and now… the night is almost over and she layin right next to me we watching sports center dozing off… and I’m thinking how great a night this was… And how much fun I had on my off days.