If you know me you
know that my favorite rapper is lil B and in his raps sometimes he talks about
buying a bitch and things of that nature.
This made me think about a website my homeboy told me he used called
backpage where he actually does just that, he buys bitches and while I cannot
participate in funding these lost women I thinks it’s cool as hell to do. The
site is like a craigslist and women advertise with skimpy outfits and nude pics,
you give them a call if you like what you see, viola magic * future voice* it’s
just that easy. I think it’s very
appropriate because the fact remains true as my uncle once told me pussy is for
the world, and not just to be locked down by one person. I think this is a genius idea seeing as how
fellas are paying for pussy anyway in the form of dates, movies, and clubbing.
This avenue makes it much easier to just be yourself and get what you want
without wasting your time and acting like you have feelings that you really
don’t so BIG SHOUTOUT TO THE BACKPAGE and shout out to @lilbthebasedgod. promote my blog


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