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Qualities in a girl or build a bitch workshop?

Readers, friends, and girls I haven’t even met yet , I got a treat for you today. Since I talk mostly about ladies and since I know you all want to know I decided to put out for everyone to see , the qualaties I want in a my girl . In my opinion I cant ant what I’ve never had so I’m gone run through some traits I’m looking for and tell you where I’ve seen them before.


  1. I want my girl to believe in me, have my back, and make me feel good. I know you may be reading this like any girl you get with should have that quality, but many don’t. In fact my last couple of relationship have been with girls that don’t really make me feel good. It sounds childish and it might be but I want my girl to make me feel like I can do anything. The girl that embodies this quality the most is Ms. Wood, I swear this girl made me feel like I could climb MT Everest and whoop kimbo slice’s ass but more importantly she made me feel good about being me. From the nose rings, gauges in my ears, and crazy clothes she made me feel like it was ok to be me and wasn’t ashamed to be seen with me. When we went out she seemed proud to be seen with me and if anybody tried to talk shit bout how I am she was quick to check them. #iaintlyin lol.
  1. I want my girl to cater to me. I know a lot of ladies will read this and they first thought will be “ ughh cater …. Niggia who is you” and to that I’d smile and say “nobody my baby.. Nobody” then exit. The girl I know who has this quality down to a science is hands down Ms. Dooms. I don’t even know how she does it but she knows how to make a man feel wanted and taken care of. I mean every time I looked up something good was on the stove and she kept a niggas clothes clean and folded, kept me full and when I needed something, if she could she gave it. There’s no arguing with this girl cause you cant stay mad at her she gone take such good care of you all you can do is wife her up.
  1. I need my girl to be able to put distractions away and TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS. The example I’ll give you for this quality is Ms. Shaw, she was a definite go getter and drive was an understatement, don’t be surprised if you see her in a science textbook somewhere or running a chemistry lab. The thing I liked about her is I could tell her I needed something done and she would find a way to take care of it even if she had limited info or no direction. I can remember my computer broke once and I called her up and just gave her some bread and told her to take it to a shop, my computer was fixed before I got off work that night and she didn’t complain once. That’s what I like when I can give my girl a task and don’t think twice about if its gone be done and be done right, I know she got that.
  1. My girl must be good with the kids and that’s Ms. Holden all the way. I don’t like kids at all but I Love mines to death (except that one) but even still she kept them clean, fed, and happy. I hate seeing dirty ass kids and mines were never that way when left in her care. She stayed up late braiding hair and working on numbers wit my little girl and was up early making breakfast for my baby boy. I need to know when I’m out and away from home that my seeds are in the best care and I always felt secure and wasn’t worried when they were in her care.
  1. Next I want my bitch to be bad. I know the inside matters and all that bullshit but I want my girl to be fine as fuck too. And I think that’s Ms. Bivens all day. I mean thick in all the right places pretty face and a bad bitch attitude, I don’t know why but I like that shit. I mean she down for her dude but look at everybody else like “ugggh” if you know what I mean, kinda like they beneath her and I cant say it enough I like that shit!!!
  1. Another thing I need in my girl is her to want the FUCK outta me and I think that describes Ms. Campbell. Have you ever met somebody who just wants you, bullshit and baggage included ,she don’t care. I love that shit, you annoy her and you may mistreat her at times but at the end of the day with all the crap you put her through and shit she gotta put up wit she make sure you bring yo ass home to her.
  1. Last and one of my most important things I must have is sexual chemistry. I wont name no names cause she know who she is but I need a girl that get down how I get down, she need to be submissive and aggressive at the same time, and like when I call her a bitch and slap her from time to time while we getting to it. Ms. ??? Knows exactly how to get at me on that sexual tip, she not shy at all and when we get together its like we sparring in the room. Getting on camera is nothing, and we constantly one-upping each other she’s spontaneous and did I say she wasn’t shy? Well she’s it when it comes to sex and I lub her for that.

Vote Ryan Duncan 2012

1. What is your ethnicity: African American

2. What is your religion? : Catholic

3. What is/was your prior experience in politics? : I took several Political Science courses in college and my father was the governor of Michigan for 2 years.

4. What is your gender? : Male

I support Gay marriage and I oppose Obama care. I support Abortion 100% because I feel it is wrong to force a woman to have a child she doesn’t want to have, thats sabotaging her life and that child’s and if there was no abortion our country would be plagued with unfit parents and we as a country would have to support those children when their in foster homes or looking for parents to adopt them. I feel that immigration should be stricter and place more scrutiny on background checks and reasons why these immigrants are entering the country. I understand that America is the land of the free but at the rate this country is going in 50 years this may not even feel like America anymore. We are permitting to many people to come over on student visas, so much that I don’t think we can even keep track of who all is here and why should they come get our fine American education and run off with it, there should be some type of gratuity as it pertain to that. I believe that education starts with the teachers and the quality of the facilities. When we stop treating our teachers like crap and forcing them to teach in sub par facilities then we can expect more, but until then I think we’re actually doing quite well for where we are. America has a great military force and I feel we could improve it if we make more incentives for people enlisting. I think we need to revamp social security to ensure that it is around forever. America has much to offer the rest of the world including china and I feel that if we barter with them along with a strict payment plan we could greatly minimize the debt. Terrorism is not to be tolerated but I think that in some cases the United States should negotiate with terrorists if it’s for the greater good. Jobs and the economy go hand and hand if we bring jobs back to America I think we stand to see a great change in the economy. I do think that the government should have a united healthcare plan but I don’t think we all should have to pay for it, but instead tax the wealthier portion of society and offer tax cuts to medical institutions that participate.

6. Are you married with or without children or single? : I am single with 2 children.

7. Are you a republican (liberal, moderate, conservative) or democrat (liberal, moderate, conservative)? :I am a Democrat?

8. Where are you from? North, South, East, West, Northeast of America etc.: I am from the mid west

My influces were my surrounding and watching my father making it from a struggling businessman to an affluent member of the political community. My education and the decision my parents made to send me to the best schools they could in an impoverished city with little funds but high aspirations for me. My most important influence is the memories I have of those times and that’s what motivates me to make a change to OUR America.