Accessories are everything

I’m looking at this girl, and she’s Bad as the fuck. Her ass is looking right in those Joe’s jeans. I notice the Gucci flats she’s got on and I can’t ignore her breasts sitting right perfect in that Hollister shirt, with the top button undone so I can almost catch a glimpse. She’s walking by and I can’t help but think damn, she looking PLAIN AS HELL. That girl I described was fine, and if you want to find her it’s about a million of them all around metro Detroit. I work at the airport so I see them everyday and while I’m bored at work like most, I people watch. I see the gorgeous women; fly rappers, gaudy ball players, and your wanna-be basketball wives every single day. What I noticed is that you can usually spot someone who’s a “somebody” (rapper, singer, actor, reality star….. etc.) not by their clothes, but #1 by their demeanor, and #2 their accessories. I think most people watch too much T.V. and maybe I do to because it seems like brands are burned into our minds or maybe like my best friend Terrence tells me, we’ve become “vanity slaves”. When these “somebody’s” walk by it’s almost automatic I see the dark Ray Ban frames, the Hermes belt, the Versace rings, and the Yves St Laurent chains. So I’m in the airport it hits me, its not so much the clothes that get you noticed it’s the accessories. Turns out that’s great because I love accessories and I feel that they can defiantly enhance your wardrobe and image in general. What you wear reflects you and there are endless options for both men and women to express themselves with new and vintage accessories, I’d start with,, and if you want to see what your celeb crush is wearing try Me myself I keep it fairly simple 5 rings, 4bracelets, 1 earring, 1 nose ring, and my pink dolphin belt; more coming soon. So instead of “cashing out” on that pair of Christian Louboutin heels or a new pair of true religion’s enhance yourself with some halfway decent accessories this holiday season and get more attention that way first. Image


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