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Detroit Chill Night

Detroit Chill Night

On Behalf of restoring Good Vibes In our Fallen City, @davidslick1990 Presents a Detroiters Night In a Positive Light.



What to do?

A series of unfortunate events have put a difficult decision in front of me. Should I sign over my rights to my daughter? That’s the question, and what are the consequences if I do or don’t? I’m 22 and I have to make a decision that will affect the rest of my life. My family says don’t but I feel much differently. What to do? what to do?

Questions going through my head:

Should I listen to my family? …. These people have my best interest at heart maybe I should listen.

How will I feel 10 yrs from now? …. I don’t want to be ghost then reappear in her life at 15.

Why doesn’t anyone see my point of view? …I’m dealing with a whole family that wants me locked away.

Will she understand? … I can’t deal with this shit right now

How will others view me? … Probably like a dead beat but fuck em, they don’t know me.

What’s in the best interest of the child? …. I’m unstable as hell and her momma trife as fuck.

How will this affect my son? …. I remember how pissed I was when I found out I had a little brother and my dad didn’t tell our family till he was 15.

He had it in him do I have it in me? ….. I look up to my dad and if he can do it I can too.

How will my dad treat me afterwards? … He loves that girl much more then I do?

Should I continue to fight? … I been getting beat through this whole ordeal and now my baby’s mom is giving me a way out.

What to do?

Just some real shit that i’m going through and niggas go through every day…. but it’s not a pity party i’ll figure it out.

David Slick