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My Baby

Rosedale part 2

Top 20

In this post i’m going to tell you my top 20 favorite rap lines as of now. They usually change but this is what i feelin today.



#1 lil B. like a martian

and i leave yo girl screamin i’m a fuck her in the ass i make yo girl suck my dick i drop thirty thousand cash.


#2 lil wayne. fresh i stay

man i got bitches at my home and bitches on my phone im like can you call me back because sports center is on.


#3 lil B. violate that bitch

try to fuck that mouth bitch im payin like i weigh… young based god payed debit for that face.


#4 clipse. i’m good

I see you flirtin baby them jeans is painted on her …mama lookin right and i dont even want her …no need to take it personal but thats just how it be… no disrespect to you im just enjoyin me.


#5 lil boosie. im mad

My teachers talk about me bad every time i skip they class now i fuck they daughters in they ass if they make me mad.


i was going to finish but while im typing this im listening to some new stuff and watchin an old world cup match so im a finish this up in a part 2 segment if you like these lines please comment