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Thats Me ( shot by @trancefield )


My Power Look by: @trancefield


Duncan Branding Co. clothing



To dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.


How many people do you hate? Don’t say your girl unless she is your child’s mother. What makes you hate them? Hate is good; I mean bad but do you the love the hate you feel? What are you willing to do about it? How do you deal with it? Is it weakness or strength? Will you hate the same person a year from now? If you had the opportunity would you crush the hated one with no mercy or compassion? Why? Why not? Look at the time NOW! Embrace the hate you feel. Let go of fear and allow yourself to separate it from what little love you hold dear. Retribution is payment revenge is key if I hate you and you hate me.

Link to my commercials

Link to my commercials

These are commercials that I have done for some local business and a few songs by my bro David Slick……..  Enjoy

The business of blogging

I’ve linked up with @Wael613 and I’m learning a lot about SEO and the the “business of blogging” I’ve been doing some reading and I expect to see more traffic to my blog ( crosses fingers ). But first we have to get over this hurdle.

The Lounge Scene

You’re dancing with the devil and you don’t even know it…. And she wears a blue dress just like Mosley wrote it….. Dirty dancing with Diana or Deumos you can’t tell…. But its 2 am in this lounge and your times up as well…. You drank her poison all night…. A Vail over your eyes….. She’s a wolf in Sheep’s clothing and you fell for disguise… Full off of spirits but lost to your own…. Your free will isn’t yours as you pull out your phone….. She puts in her number then she hands it right back her names saved as lamia…. To late you’re under attack…. By this cruel puppeteer that pulls all the right strings … You’re a sucker for women and feelings they bring….. Its 3 am now…. Time to make a choice…… Leave this lounge with your friends or give in to Lilith’s voice….. The decision is made and your judgment is set…. you left with a fair goddess but in time you’ll regret…. Getting in her red car…. Ha … She said she calls it Christine headed down route 6 never again to be seen.

Mother and child

This is my first poem ever. I wrote it for a writing contest. This was the rough draft. Enjoy

It’s late she’s awake laying in a cold sweat…. But the hate in her body it still grows yet…. For what was done to her was no fair deed … Left with bad credit and two hungry mouths to feed…. She plots and she ponders how to seek sweet revenge she decides that the blade is the quickest way to end. … The life of the scum that put her through so much hell …if she cuts him just right he can lived there as well … She goes to the kitchen then comes back to the room…. Knife in hand light coming in from the moon…. It’s perfect the times right there’s a pillow over head…. She cuts him so deep the white sheets become red…. she lifts up the pillow to get one more glance and when she does that she enters a trance … For it wasn’t him but was his seed she had ended…. She still killed part of him but not the part she intended … He wins again she says why should I live with this pain…. She shares the blade with child … … Chicago new reads…. Mother and child found slain.

Accessories are everything

I’m looking at this girl, and she’s Bad as the fuck. Her ass is looking right in those Joe’s jeans. I notice the Gucci flats she’s got on and I can’t ignore her breasts sitting right perfect in that Hollister shirt, with the top button undone so I can almost catch a glimpse. She’s walking by and I can’t help but think damn, she looking PLAIN AS HELL. That girl I described was fine, and if you want to find her it’s about a million of them all around metro Detroit. I work at the airport so I see them everyday and while I’m bored at work like most, I people watch. I see the gorgeous women; fly rappers, gaudy ball players, and your wanna-be basketball wives every single day. What I noticed is that you can usually spot someone who’s a “somebody” (rapper, singer, actor, reality star….. etc.) not by their clothes, but #1 by their demeanor, and #2 their accessories. I think most people watch too much T.V. and maybe I do to because it seems like brands are burned into our minds or maybe like my best friend Terrence tells me, we’ve become “vanity slaves”. When these “somebody’s” walk by it’s almost automatic I see the dark Ray Ban frames, the Hermes belt, the Versace rings, and the Yves St Laurent chains. So I’m in the airport it hits me, its not so much the clothes that get you noticed it’s the accessories. Turns out that’s great because I love accessories and I feel that they can defiantly enhance your wardrobe and image in general. What you wear reflects you and there are endless options for both men and women to express themselves with new and vintage accessories, I’d start with,, and if you want to see what your celeb crush is wearing try Me myself I keep it fairly simple 5 rings, 4bracelets, 1 earring, 1 nose ring, and my pink dolphin belt; more coming soon. So instead of “cashing out” on that pair of Christian Louboutin heels or a new pair of true religion’s enhance yourself with some halfway decent accessories this holiday season and get more attention that way first. Image

Beneath the coupled gold faints the painless catalog.

Beneath the coupled gold faints the painless catalog.

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