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@RY_Dunkin 2/14/12

First off I don’t write unless I have something worth writing about, and I don’t like leaps of faith. I’m the type of person that likes to be comfortable in a situation even if I’m not necessarily happy in it. So with that being said I haven’t been truly single in about 4 years, but after my last relationship dissolved I decided to try something different. I cut all side chicks and buddies of a sexual nature out and am trying to really get a feel for what it’s like to be a (truly) single male in Atlanta, GA aka the Mecca of bad bitches. I’ve been 2 months strong and its going fairly well. I’ve met more women in the last month then I did in the last year, and I swear I fall in love every time I walk on a college campus. I mean at this rate my single status won’t last for long but it’s cool to meet these women, find out their stories, what their into, and how they got here. Out of all the ones I’ve met only one was from GA which means most of these fine women I’ve met have been imported in from other states. Being single has made me realize a few things but I think the most important is that not only am I attracted to women by their looks but I can also be attracted by their personality, given the chance to get to know them. This blog entry has no particular meaning but one and that’s if you are bad and single, I’ll be around.


When Shit Get Real :Guest writer (@KMACKoroni )

What is it about us that make shit get real? It doesn’t matter what is done or what is said that can remove the fact that “SHIT JUS GOT REAL.” you meet a chick she is not all that cute but that doesn’t stop you from pursuing the panties. It gets even crazier when you complete the quest and SHIT GET REAL! I don’t know what it is about sex that makes shit get extremely real but it happens QUICK! You hit it right and now she texting how much she like you, sending you naked pics, saying yall don’t have to be together as long as you can have casual sex, *lmao* the whole 9 yards. The funny part is that in your head you have already completed your task and really don’t want to participate in the activities to come. So even the thought that you only hit it and quit make SHIT GET REAL! Now she harassing you on twitter, Facebook or any other social sites. Texting you holding conversations by herself, just a bunch of foolishness. The one thing I dare to do is tell her it over,( chuckles silently). Do so and I promise if she hasn’t showed you how real her shit get, hold tight its coming!