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A random night out 1

It was a cold day in March when me and my business partners were getting ready for a show that we put on in Detroit every Tuesday night. We went through the same routine as always, packing up the truck and taking the supplies needed (lights, cameras, audio equipment, etc) to the venue. When we arrived the maintenance crew was stripping the floors. Needless to say we canceled that night. During the time we were making that decision I got into a side conversation with a friend who was telling me a story about himself and some chick.

That conversation got me thinking, and I subsequently decided to do two things: 1) see if I still had it (what I mean by that is do I still have the ability to go out meet a chick on any given night and have sex with her), and 2) write this blog and share all the crazy stories I do have.

I am convinced that every man has had a moment in his life where he’s let a girl and his attraction for her lead him down the wrong path and to a “how the eff did I get here” moment. Anyway my partner had me questioning myself, so after we decided to cancel the show I drove home determined to see if I still had it. I arrived home, walked in the door and immediately went to the fridge and grabbed a beer. I sat down. Drinking and texting girls from my contact list for the next 20 minutes. It seemed that every girl I knew was busy or had a “man” to whom they were committed.

Only two conversations went mildly successful: the first was with a pretty, light-skinned girl named Mya and the other Sandy. Mya I had met a few weeks ago at a coffee shop (I know its cliché) and we went to dinner a few times after I knew she liked me. All I had to do was play my cards right and put in the time. Mya was nineteen going on 30, way too grown for her age. She did like me, or so I thought.

The other conversation was with a girl named Sandy. Sandy was a 27 year old, thick in all the right places, light-skinned goddess I met at show two weeks prior. I played the ” just wanted to check up on u line” and she conveyed that she was glad I decided to call.

There was a lot of small talk then I asked was she free tonight I wanted to see her. She answered no because she didn’t have anybody to watch her son. I told her it was cool and that we could chill some other time. She said she’d give me a call in the near future.

Now I just knew that was some BS but I chalked it up to mildly successful, because at least I planted a seed (refer to 40 year old virgin). I drank some more and chilled for about 3 hours until I received a text from Mya saying she’s free tonight and did I want to do dinner. I’m thinking h*ll naw – only if dinner comes with some *ss on the side. But I didn’t say anything I stalled hoping one of the other 13 girls I texted and called would hit me back.

About 5 min later I get the text Sandy called and asked if I still wanted to take her out. I was surprised I guess the seed sprouted so suddenly. So now I’m torn sandy light skinned goddess, Sandy or the pretty girl next door, Mya. It was tough to choose but I figured Mya was gone take more time so I chose up with Sandy plus she was older and me being only 19, I know she could get me a drink. I got showered up and dressed and picked her up around 9:45. She got in the car looking like omg(refer to OMG by young dro f. cooli)! She asked where we were going and I told her just to ride and relax honestly I hadn’t planned that part yet.

We’re driving and I’m calling my home boys like “where its at tonight what’s going on?” I eventually found a spot to hit, a kinda hood 18 and up spot on the west side. We waited in line for like an hour which gave me time to talk to her and figure out where she was at. We were getting to the front and I realize I still had my knife on me so I put it in my shoe and prayed they wouldn’t check. They didn’t. I got my pat down and was up through there.

We danced all night and I must have sent her to the bar like ten times we was off Cranberry and vodka heavy when we finally stumbled out of the club at 3a.m. I was to gone to drive and she said she had to pee and I knew my friend stayed around the corner. I took her there and one of his roommates let me in after we both used the restroom.

She said the place was spinning and wanted to lie down. I showed her to an empty room and invited my self to lay with her one thing led to another and this light skinned goddess turned into just a regular girl.

I don’t know what it is about conquering a woman on the first night that’s makes u loose so much respect for her but I love it and hate it at the same time. My boy woke up and was pissed but I was on my way out the door with the once-was goddess. I had 3 slices of bread and a renewed sense of self. I hopped in the car ate the bread hoping to sober up a little and next thing I remember was dropping her off at home.

She said she had a good time. We kissed and she went in. I got home and immediately fell asleep on my couch I awoke at 2 in the afternoon to a blistering headache and a text from Sandy saying we can I go get her a day after pill………..D*MN

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