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Guest Writer: KEIOSHA MACK ( @KMACKoroni )

How Did I Choose You

It often seems that love has many faces. It can be based off spiritual, emotional, or mental feelings but the biggest question I ask is how did I choose this one to love? I’ve been developing feeling for someone who often seems too wrong to be right for me. The relationship we’ve built has grown to be over 3 years old and the complications seem like a lifetime’s worth. I can tell there is some type of love there because throughout the 3-year span of us knowing each other we have been together for only 6 months total. What could be considered, as the weirdest part is that at times it could seem like we absoulty hate each other, but at the moment when things are good, “THEY’RE GREAT.” We can go months without speaking but when contact is finally made nothing else matters. The sexual attraction is evident, and intense from both parties but boundaries are NEVER crossed. The worst part is that she knows my heart and can see that I love her and it’s the same in reverse. It’s just something about this love that often keeps the feelings separate and creates difficulties and obstacles to make sure this love thing never works. The fact is that this could be extreme lust or even a figment of my imagination. Its sad to say that developing these doubts and views on love makes it hard for any other person to get to this deep in my heart. It makes me wonder if this could be fear of commitment or just the fear of losing this love that I feel is surely meant for me. With all that being said the only real question that I still continue to ask myself is how did I choose you?

My Thoughts On The Topic #1:Relationships

When it comes to relationships I believe the best part is the infatuation stage. This stage is almost addicting and I think if my current relationships dissolve I’m just going to peruse this stage in new relationships. You might call it puppy love but I think its great it allows you to accept people as they are without making a huge commitment, and try new things. The down side to this is at some point your going to want someone to share and build your life with. But I think it would kind of be cool to just try and stick to the infatuation stage for a while, and when the relationship starts to make a turn into mature love cut it short. Everyone knows or should know the feeling of having someone new in their life, the being on the phone, the going out on dates every other night and trying new sex positions with someone you barely know. I think that this is when people are the happiest, its kind of the 60’s free love that we all have a little of inside us, the key is to not go crazy and become a whore bag but the line is very thin… Know that.